The next best thing to a space walk

On our way to a 'Padi Open Water'-diploma

Everybody goes to Utilla, a small island off the eastcoast of Honduras, to take a diving course. It is cheaper there than almost anywhere else, the water is clear, warm and blue, and the landscape below the horizon is gorgeous.
Diving is the next best thing to a spacewalk - or better if you prefer to hover in zero gravity among schools of tropical fish. It can quickly turn into a nightmare too.
Once the strap of my mask broke when we were 20 meters below the surface, in very deep water so you couldn't see the bottom. When your mask floods, suddenly your vision blurs and water gets into your nose, which makes it very hard not to panic and keep on quietly breathing through your mouth piece, knowing that about the worst thing you can do is shooting up to the surface. For a few seconds I really thought I was going to die down there.