focus@science = Arnout Jaspers, science writer
_____________ The only real news, in the sense that it changes the world irreversibly, is science news.

focus@science is the banner for my activities as a freelance science writer.
Originally a physicist, I specialized in reporting about sciences like physics, astronomy and mathematics. At the point where most journalists start taking the word of the experts as gospel, I tend to dig a little deeper and ask the questions that take them out of their comfort zone. By the way, they usually jump at the opportunity to talk to a journalist who really knows his (and their) stuff.
I also report on other fields where mathematics or statistics plays a key role, like clinical and forensic research and environmental and climate issues.

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_____________ Rent a science writer

Text - Editing - Design - Debate - Lectures

Apart from my journalistic work, I can be hired as copy writer or editor for publications by universities or research institutes, including coordination and production of, for instance, a brochure or a book.

My experience is not limited to writing articles, but covers the entire production process from managing freelancers, photographers and graphic designers to editing and making publications ready for printing.

These publications can be in Dutch or in English (I don't claim, though, that final correction by a native speaker is superfluous).

You can also hire me for moderating panel discussions (in Dutch or English) or to give popular-scientific lectures about topics from physics (quantumtheory, EPR-experiments, 'faster than light'neutrino's) cosmology, statistics in everyday life (Lucia de Berk case, forensic DNA) and mathematics (cryptography, Japanese Sangaku's).

Finally, students in communications and journalism may learn something useful from me as a guest lecturer.

Take a look at my CV & disclosure for substantiation of these self-promotory claims, and a list of previous assignments.
Energy debate Utrecht

Debate pre-Fukushima, when I saw a favourable trend in public opinion about nuclear energy....